How to Become a Rockstar EA (Executive Assistant)

When considering the world of executive assisting as a career path, most people find themselves asking the question, “How do I become a virtual executive assistant?”

What many people fail to ask, however, and what makes the biggest difference in whether they succeed and how quickly they succeed is the question “How do I become a great EA?”

This is because just about anyone can become an EA—it’s easy. But your future employers don’t want just another virtual assistant. They want someone with incredible communication skills, clear goals, the ability to anticipate needs, and so much more.

This article will detail how you can become more than just another executive assistant and blow away your potential employers so that they are begging to hire you.

#1: Know the Business and Understand Your Future Boss’s Role

A large part of an executive assistant’s job is to know the business inside and out so you can take on whatever duties your boss assigns you.

Because of this, whenever you’re interviewing for an EA position, your interviewer will expect you to have done research on the company and your potential boss role therein. Not only that but knowing these details will help you once you land the job by helping you to anticipate your boss’s needs and better perform your job duties.

#2: Actively Pursue New Skills

Just because you’ve got the job doesn’t mean it’s time to quit learning! One of the biggest secrets to beginning the best EA you can be is to constantly be seeking out new ways to acquire new skills!

Not only will this help you if you ever decide to interview at another firm, but it will also help you in the meantime with catering to your boss’s needs.

#3: Own Your Mistakes

It’s never fun to make a mistake—especially one that has negative consequences.

Regardless of that fact, you never want to be that person who makes excuses all the time and never owns up to anything. By owning your mistakes, you can show your boss that not only are you serious about the position, but you’re also a trustworthy asset to the team.


Becoming an executive assistant is no easy task, but it gets infinitely easier when you know how to better yourself in your profession.

If you’re interested in becoming an executive assistant today and don’t know where to start, we recommend applying with Sage Executive Assistants. Not only are we dedicated to providing you with all the resources you need to become the best EA you can be, but we’re also always looking for fresh faces to add to our team!

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We’re here to help you become the best virtual executive assistant possible, stay tuned for our upcoming EA academy.

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