How to Increase Productivity with an Executive Assistant

Outsourcing is the new mainstream now for CEOs and business owners. There’s simply too much to do and often too much on a business owner’s plate for them to do everything well. The lifeblood of any business, however, is to bring in more clients.

But how is someone supposed to concentrate on that with 50 other tasks that are begging to be completed?

This is where executive assistants come in! Executive assistants are there to make sure that you have the time you need to get the important things done—whatever that may be for you. Hiring an executive assistant frees up a lot of business owners’ time and has multiple other benefits on how they can increase your productivity.

Free Up Time For You

Instead of focusing on minuscule and minute tasks like social media management, follow-up emails, scheduling, etc., you have time to focus on getting new clients and planning strategies for growing or scaling your business. Having an executive assistant take over tasks that are taking too much time away from finding clients can give your business a huge boost.

More Work Completed

On the other hand, maybe you simply have too much to do for a specific task and it’s a 2-person job versus a one-person job. Hiring an executive assistant can reduce a great deal of stress, and help you make a great impression on any prospective client because of how organized you are.

Double the manpower, double the work completed in half of the time. If that doesn’t sound good, then we don’t know what does!

More Organized

How many times does it happen that things fall in between the cracks? You’re only one person and can do only so much. Because of this, some things aren’t executed as perfectly as they could be. Maybe you respond a day too late or send a product out later than ideal – either way, it doesn’t look good, but you’re also only human.

Having an Executive Assistant helps take off some of your workloads, and allows you to free up time in some areas so you can concentrate on doing things right in others.

Better Use of Your Time

While you’re away on vacation or even asleep, your business is also asleep. However, by hiring an Executive Assistant, your business could be running the entire time. Executive Assistants can take field calls, fill up your schedule for when you get back or are awake, and write follow-up emails to send proposals to clients. Regardless, you don’t have to be present to still be productive.

SAGE Executive Assistants

If you’re looking to hire a competent and professional executive assistant, SAGE is here to help you run your business smoothly. SAGE ensures that you will get the right person to fit your specific requirements. When hiring an executive assistant through SAGE Executive Assistants, you are hiring someone who is based in the U.S. and working remotely. You won’t have to worry about time zones or language barriers.

We at SAGE Executive Assistants understand that your business is special and important to you. We will make sure to treat it just as you would – with the utmost care, you’re one step away from your very own virtual executive assistant, schedule an intake call today.

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