Tools of the Trade: Apps Every Virtual Executive Assistant Needs

As an executive assistant, you have one of the most versatile and difficult jobs within your company. You are responsible not only for your own duties but also for any of those that your boss decides you need to take on.

Your workload can also change randomly, with or without notice, as your boss sees fit.

Because of this, having access to certain essential tools of the trade can significantly lessen the stress of your life as an EA.

That said, here are the best apps we’ve found for executive assistants:

#1: Calendly

This app is absolutely indispensable when it comes to setting up meetings and conferences. With Calendly, you can avoid the normal back and forth that comes with trying to find time for a meeting and simply send a link to the person you’re communicating with.

When clicked on, this link will take them to your executive assistant calendar where they will have the option of clicking on one of the dates and times that you preset to schedule a meeting!

#2: Expensify

It’s never fun to be handed a pile of receipts and get told to organize and catalog them. Expensify lessens the burden of those time-heavy tasks by giving you the ability to simply scan receipts in and have them automatically cataloged for you!

#3: Grammarly

How many times have you sent an email, only to realize after the deed is done that you made a typo? How embarrassing!

Grammarly is a correction-based app that lets you know when you’ve made a typo or grammatical error and allows you to correct it before you hit send!

#4: Sortd

Sortd is an email-based software that allows you to easily organize your emails into tasks, meetings, to-do lists, and categories so that nothing ever gets lost in your inbox again. It also gives you a space to take notes and keeps a task list pull up on your sidebar!

#5: Tripit

More often than not, executive assistants are expected to draft itineraries and make travel arrangements for their immediate boss and other higher-ups in the company.

With Tripit, you can manage every aspect of those travel plans in one spot. From the plane and hotel booking to getting a rental car, to even reserving restaurants for team meetings—Tripit can help you plan it all.

#6: Trello

Finally, there’s Trello. Trello is an incredible task organization software that allows you to easily add and categorize tasks according to what stage of the process you’re at. By using drag-and-drop boards, Trello makes task management nearly effortless.


Being an EA can be hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it harder. We always say work smarter.

By utilizing the tools laid out in this article, you can make sure that you’re not only performing all aspects of your job to the best of your ability but also that you’re maintaining manageable stress levels in the meantime.

If you’re interested in becoming an executive assistant today and don’t know where to start, SAGE Executive Assistants is here to help!

To apply with SAGE, simply go to the job tab along the top of your screen or click here to get started. We’d love to hear from you!

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