What to Delegate to Your Virtual Executive Assistant

So, you’ve made the decision to hire a virtual executive assistant to help you make better use of your time, be more productive, and move your business forward. Now, you’re wondering what exactly an executive assistant can do.

What tasks can you delegate? What are their expected duties? These are great questions, and very commonly asked.

An executive assistant can take on a variety of tasks, depending on your needs. This article breaks it down for you below.


An executive assistant can help you with planning, whether that is planning for an event you are hosting for your employees or planning your next business trip. Either way, your assistant will help you with all the details, so you don’t have to waste your time making countless phone calls, reservations, etc.

Your Schedule

Not only can an executive assistant help plan events and trips, but they can also help you with your schedule. Whenever someone calls and wants to set up a time for a meeting, you can hand them off to your assistant to schedule that meeting for you. Your executive assistant will help you keep your boundaries in place, making sure you don’t lose your personal time, and that you don’t overschedule or double-book yourself.


You have gifts to send but may not know what to get or have the time to get them – an executive assistant can help with that! You may want to send a gift to a big client as a thank you or want to get an employee a gift of appreciation – either way, that’s a task you can easily delegate and for that an executive assistant is perfect!


I’m sure you’re tired of seeing the flood of emails in your inbox and find it excruciatingly painful to have to sort through them. Finding out which email is a top priority, and which one isn’t is something that can be easily handed off to someone else. Executive assistants can answer lower-priority emails for you and send you the ones that require your immediate attention.

Additionally, you can completely avoid all junk mail by having your assistant simply clear it out. How great does that sound?

Project Management

If you’re running a business, chances are that you have your fingers in several projects at the same time. That can not only take a lot of time to manage but also a lot of brainpower. Especially, if you have to send out multiple reminders to check-in or meet a deadline! An executive assistant can handle those tasks easily, reminding others to keep you in the loop or to simply hand in their part of the project. Either way, it’s one less thing to worry about!


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